Rabari - ebook by Mitchell Kanashkevich and Light Stalking

Mitchell Kanashkevich’s travel and documentary images have long been a source of inspiration to me. The Sydney-based photographer has an incredible ability to create images of people and cultures that make you feel like you know them personally. Rabari is Mitchell’s latest ebook (and the first of what will hopefully be many ebooks published by Light Stalking), which documents the nomadic Rabari people of rural India. This personal project of his was what he refers to as “the first thing that really put me on the map as a photographer.” Although he produced this work before he was ever really “on the map”, the strength of the photographs, and his approach to his craft, show why he has become a well-known name in the heavily congested world of travel photography.

This ebook is a fantastic combination of beautiful images and very insightful and detailed background information. He starts with some general background information about the project, where the idea came from, and where it has taken him since. He also begins with some invaluable practical considerations with regard to shooting in a foreign country/culture, eg. transportation, guides, translators, etc. Mitchell includes a list of all the gear he used for this project (which, like my own travel setup, was very minimal), his perspectives on gear, and a brief overview of his workflow and backup system.

The main body is comprised of ten full-page images, each with detailed background information about his vision for the image and the process of creating it. The full-page image includes technical data (aperture, shutter-speed, ISO, and focal length) and in the following pages Mitchell details everything from the background and vision for the image to the lighting (including lighting diagrams), posing, and composition. He also discusses the biggest challenge he found in creating the image, and how he overcame that challenge. Finally, you can see before and after versions of his post-processing workflow and a step-by-step breakdown of adjustments made in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Rabari - ebook by Mitchell Kanashkevich and Light Stalking

Rabari - ebook by Mitchell Kanashkevich and Light Stalking

Rabari - ebook by Mitchell Kanashkevich and Light Stalking

This ebook is an invaluable wealth of knowledge and insight for any photographer, especially those wanting to engage in travel or cultural photography. Mitchell has generously shared so much of not only his skill and knowledge, but also his passion, heart, and vision. This is undoubtedly one of the most valuable educational photography tutorials I have come across so far. I look forward to seeing what Mitchell and Light Stalking come up with in the future.

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