Landscape photo of sunset over Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Lake Taupo Wallpaper

September 2014 desktop wallpaper Landscape photo sunset Lake Taupo New Zealand

Here in New Zealand, September signals a glorious time: the end of winter! The cold is over and summer is on its way! That’s the theory anyway. It’s still pretty cold and miserable today, but just the knowledge that spring is here makes me feel happy 🙂

This month’s free desktop wallpaper is one from Mission Bay, Lake Taupo. This beautiful little spot is one of the first lakeside stops before you hit Taupo when driving up the North Island. The scenery here is breathtaking to say the least, especially when the light is gorgeous. I made this image last week while driving home from a few days in Wellington. I was lucky enough to hit Lake Taupo just after the sun had set, so the colour in the sky was still a beautiful mix of orange and blue. There are rocks all the way along the water’s edge, so it wasn’t difficult to find some a nice foreground to put in front of this stunning background.

This free desktop wallpaper is a high-resolution image that will look great on any size screen from a smartphone or iPad to a large display monitor. To download, just enter your email below.

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