Sunset over St Paul's Cathedral, London, England, UK

St Paul’s Cathedral Wallpaper

When I’m travelling, I like to get off the beaten track a little. I love nothing more than to find secret spots and unique angles on popular travel photography locations. But sometimes when I’m exploring a big city, especially one as important as London, England, I just embrace the fact that I’m a tourist and roll with it.

I only had five days in London, which if you’ve been there you will know, is nowhere near enough time. There is SO MUCH to see and do. You could live there your entire life and still not see everything. So, I decided to embrace the fact that I was a tourist and visit the tourist sites along with a billion other people.

I loved it.

You can’t visit London without seeing St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s one of those places that just stops you in your tracks. You don’t even need to go inside, just seeing the historic church from outside is incredible. I took this cityscape photo of the dome from a neighbouring rooftop bar (don’t judge me) just before sunset.

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Sunset over St Paul's Cathedral, London, England, UK

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