If there’s one thing I love about travelling around Australia, it’s the hilarious place names. Many of them are indigenous names that just sound funny, and some of them are english names that make you wonder what they were thinking. A few of my favourites incude Cock Wash, Mount Buggery, Tittybong, Boing Boing, Chinaman’s Knob, Burpengary, and Nowhere Else. Call me juvenile.

When I saw the name Booti Booti National Park, I knew I had to go there. It turns out that Booti Booti isn’t just a funny place name, it’s a gorgeous sliver of land on the New South Wales coast with the ocean on one side and a freshwater lake on the other. With Boomerang Beach, Seal Rocks, and Myall Lakes National Park just down the road, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back.

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december 2018 desktop wallpaper booti booti national park nsw australia


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