How To Free Up Space On Your Phone Without Deleting Photos

No matter how large the storage in modern smartphones gets, there never seems to be enough space. Even when I’m using my “real” camera, I still take a ton of photos on my phone, especially when I’m traveling. I’ve found a really simple way to free up space on your phone or tablet without having to delete photos and videos. And it’s free.

Free Up Space with Google Photos

The Google Photos app will back up all your photos and videos and then tell you how much space you can free up based on what has been backed up. It’s one of my favourite apps for travel photography. They’re all backed up to Google’s uber-secure servers in high-resolution, so you don’t lose anything.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Download the app for free (Apple/Android)

2. Log in using your Google account. If you use Gmail or another Google app you already have one. If not, it’s super simple and free to sign up.

3. Click “Device Folders” to select which folders you want to back up.


4. Once all your media is backed up, click “Free Up Space”.


5. Google Photos will analyse how much space it can free up based on what’s safely backed up. Click “Free Up …GB”.


6. Wait for Google Photos to do its thing. It may take a while depending on how much space it’s freeing up.


7. Take a ton more photos, knowing they’ll be safely backed up and you’ll never need to delete another photo of your kids, your dog, your lunch, or your travels!

Bonus tip:

You can access all your photos on the web (, where you can view, edit, and share them. You can also download them to your desktop computer if you want another copy for your own peace of mind. I always recommend having your photos backed up to multiple locations, so this is a great way to do it.

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free up space on your phone without deleting photos
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  1. Ashley Canty says:

    Easy read, reassuring (scary thing to lose memories)straight to point.
    Thank you.

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