It’s that time again over on CreativeLive – Photo Week! As far as high-quality, free photography education goes, it doesn’t get much better than CreativeLive’s classes. I’ve followed CreativeLive since the beginning and have watched numerous courses, and even purchased a couple of the best ones that I wanted to rewatch.

If you’re not familiar with CreativeLive, let me enlighten you. Some of the biggest names in the creative world teach live classes on many subjects such as photography, photoshop, videography, web design, and many others. The classes are free to watch live and can be purchased after the live event if you missed it or want to rewatch the course. I have watched fantastic classes on landscape and travel photography, photoshop, and the business of photography to name just a few. Courses are taught by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Joe McNally, Matt Kloskowski, David duChemin, and Benjamin Von Wong.

Photo Week 2017 is looking pretty exciting already. I’m especially looking forward to watching Ian Shive’s Travel Photography courses. You can RSVP to the live events or pre-purchase the courses over HERE.




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