Business cards for photographers from Moo

The Coolest Business Cards On Earth For Photographers


Today my buddy the courier man arrived with a small but very exciting package. Business cards from MOO. This isn’t this first time I’ve experienced their awesomeness, but it’s the first time I’ve had my own name on some of their goodies.

Business cards for photographers from Moo

I’ve utilised MOO’s very cool ‘Printfinity’ system, which allows you to put a different image on every card, rather than having to hand out dozens of the same old card. For photographers, this is a no-brainer. It means I can show off my portfolio every time I pull out a handful of cards. Genius. AND they look amazing thanks to MOO’s high-quality materials and printing. What I can’t show you is how sweet they feel in your hand. Thick and heavy, with a beautiful satin finish, they don’t feel like your ordinary flimsy business cards. They feel professional. You can’t underestimate the effect that handing over a killer business card has on a potential client. I’ll let MOO fill in the details…

If you’re not convinced, no problem. Stick with the free Vista Print cards you hand out to potential clients. But as you do, ask yourself what that card is saying about you. If you want to try making some bad ass cards that say “professional“, try MOO. They’re surprising affordable. They also make cool little mini cards, post cards, etc. Click the image below to get 10% off your first order.

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