Tribute To A Beautiful Soul

It’s not often I write about personal things here on this blog, but sometimes the most personal stories are the ones worth telling. I apologise in advance if it’s a bit of a downer.

This one is about a beautiful girl named Xena. Unfortunately, for reasons I would prefer not to explain, Xena was put to sleep a few days ago. We adopted her after she was found wandering the streets, skinny and clearly neglected, and was taken to the SPCA here in Tauranga. Xena was the perfect fit for our big rottweiler Kaiser, and was very gentle and loveable, so bringing her home was an easy decision. She and Kaiser got along like a house on fire 99% of the time, but due to whatever had happened to her in the first 2-3 years of her life, she sometimes started something with him that she couldn’t finish. Most of the time they were besties.

IMG_20131108_122605 The day Xena came home.

IMG_20140201_202821_1 Who doesn’t love to spoon?

Unfortunately Xena and Kaiser didn’t have long together before Kaiser went to Doggie Heaven. It was a very sad day/week/month for all, including Xena, who had lost her BFF. We couldn’t stand to see her so depressed, and being a firm believer that dogs are pack animals and aren’t meant to be alone, we got her a new friend. Meet Milo!

IMG_20140711_134346 Xena was finally the big spoon!

Xena and Milo very quickly became besties and she was great with the little pup. Milo is almost 2 years old now (and the size of a horse), and one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet. Xena, on the other hand, was amazing with people and children, but a little unpredictable with other dogs due to a rough start in life and what was likely a lack of socialisation in her first couple of years. For the most part, though, she was a sweet, beautiful dog who everybody seemed to love. Her time was far too short, but I’m glad to have been able to give her a few happy years.

Goodbye beautiful friend. You will be loved and missed always. Say hello to Kaiser for me!

IMG_20150321_044221 Xena with her precious!

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  1. Alix St Clair says:

    I’m sure God created dogs for loving and Xena was a great example. Especially like the last pic of her looking as soggy as the ball!

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