The International Guild of Visual Peacemakers

This post has been a long time coming, as with most things that I finally manage to accomplish. I first discovered the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (IGVP) about a year ago. I had just made the move to Melbourne from New Zealand, and I was beginning to seriously reconsider the direction I was headed with my photography. I wasn’t really getting the satisfaction I had previously from the wedding and portrait work I had been doing in Wellington, and to be honest, I was struggling to put the effort in that I felt my clients deserved. About the same time, I discovered this thing that has become known as ‘humanitarian’ photography through reading a book by David duChemin, a photographer who has become one of my heroes. As I began to read, research, and learn more about this intriguing specialty, I knew immediately and without a doubt that I had just discovered my calling, if there’s such a thing.

One of my discoveries of that not-so-little investigation was the IGVP, a rapidly-growing community of photographers, videographers, cinematographers, and no doubt many other -graphers. “We are visual communicators devoted to peacemaking and breaking down stereotypes by displaying the beauty and dignity of various cultures around the world.” In a world where the vast majority of the visual media that is fed to us daily is heavily biased and intentionally controversial, the community of IGVP aims to be a growing voice of peace, unity, tolerance, understanding, and inspiration.

In the short time that IGVP has existed, the community has grown dramatically, and I have been lucky enough to meet some incredibly talented and inspirational people who share my passion for using their powers for good. I consider it a privilege to be part of this community, and I look forward to what the future holds for IGVP and the work being done by its members.

A special thanks to co-founder Mario Mattei, the heart and mind behind IGVP, for his dedication and hard work towards this community.

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  1. mario mattei says:

    Wow! I’m honored. Knowing that photographers like yourself feel this way about IGVP confirms in my mind again the value of NOT making this a just a personal calling, but an idea and goal that thousands of others can own, express, and embrace.

  2. I love what you’re doing an what to find out more and be a part of it. I travel and photograph, currently working on photographic stories in the high desert, California.

  3. Love finding out about the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (IGVP). Thanks for that, and for being a part of it!

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