Iris Ministries, Pemba, Mozambique


For 16 years, Heidi and Rolland Baker have been rescuing children off the streets of Mozambique and giving them a life they would never have had otherwise. Under Iris Ministries, they house, feed, and love these children in a way I have rarely seen elsewhere. I had the privilege of spending ten weeks with the children in the base in Pemba, and was constantly thrown by the striking contrast between the brutal poverty and stunning beauty of the small city.

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  1. Nice work buddy. Hope we can go back one day not too far from now. Cheers!-nm

    1. Rowan Sims says:

      Thanks brother. Hopefully sooner rather than later! That place will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. Jessenia Daidone says:

    Nice post. Keep it comin’… 🙂

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