14 Ways To Grow In Confidence As A Photographer

Confidence may seem like something you either have or you don't. Even worse, it may seem like everyone else has it but you. Fortunately, both of those things couldn't be further from the truth. All you need is a little knowledge, patience, and a few techniques to...

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Online Photo Backups: Cloud Storage Guide For Photographers

There is no greater fear for any photographer than losing your precious photos. Camera gear can be replaced. Your archive of photos that you’ve poured your heart and soul into can’t. If you’ve ever experienced the heartbreak of losing photos forever, you'll know about...

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How To Turn Photography Into A Side Hustle

Like many photographers, you may dream of making money with your photography. There are many reasons for this, and each photographer has their own. It may be to make money to fund new gear, supplement your existing income, or because you want to quit your day job....

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East Coast Australia Road Trip

I’m a huge fan of road trips. I’m not sure if there’s a better way to see and explore a large area than by hitting the road. I consider myself extremely lucky to have driven through some breathtaking places, but few can compare to my epic East Coast Australia Road...

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How To Sell Photography Prints

Most photographers will consider at some point whether they should try to sell photography prints. Maybe you’re considering trying to make your first dollar from photography or adding print sales to your existing photography income.  Either way, selling...

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13 Long Exposure Photos To Inspire You

There are few photographic techniques that have captured the imagination of landscape photographers like long exposure photography. The ability to take an ordinary scene and give it a unique and even otherworldly feel is addictive. There are many ways to create long...

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A Guide To Finding Awesome Photography Locations

As a photographer, the search for new locations is endless. Unless you shoot exclusively in a studio, you're going to need to spend some time finding photography locations, and you want to use this time wisely. If you're a location-based photographer, scouting is...

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How To Start A Photography Blog

Having an online presence is essential for photographers. Whether you're a hobbyist wanting to show off your photos, or a professional wanting to make money by selling your photography services, being found online isn't optional. If you're in it for the long-term, you...

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How To Improve Your Lake Photography

One of the best ways to add interest and variety to your landscape photos is to include water in the scene. Although I love to photograph seascapes, sometimes there's no coastline nearby, or I'm looking for calmer waters. Lake photography is a great way to add water...

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Queensland Road Trip – Brisbane To Cairns

There's really nowhere on earth quite like Queensland. Where else can you find desert, rainforest, mountains, islands, coral reef, and some of the most spectacular beaches on the planet all in one place? It's an enormous place, but if you want an epic Queensland road...

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The Best Landscape Photographers In New Zealand

It's no secret that New Zealand has some breathtaking scenery. With such a diverse landscape of mountains, coastline, rivers, lakes, glaciers, islands, and forest, it's not surprising that photographers from around the world flock here. It also isn't surprising that...

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Fraser Island’s Top Photo Spots

If you love sun, sand, and adventure, then it doesn't get much better than Fraser Island. Just off the Fraser Coast in Queensland, Australia, lies the UNESCO World Heritage listed island. It also happens to be the largest sand island on earth. Apparently that's a...

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The Best Stock Photo Sites For Selling Your Photography

Making money from photography isn't easy. If anything, it's getting more difficult. As the supply increases, prices drop, meaning photographers have to keep diversifying to keep earning money. Whether photography accounts for 100% of your income or you want to make a...

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Pinterest For Photographers – The Ultimate Guide 2020

One of the many challenges for photographers is keeping up with social media. If you're anything like me, your relationship with social media is bittersweet. It can be incredibly rewarding and provides a fantastic opportunity to promote your photography while being...

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