The Best Stock Photo Sites For Selling Your Photography

Making money from photography isn’t easy. If anything, it’s getting more difficult. As the supply increases, prices drop, meaning photographers have to keep diversifying to keep earning money. Whether photography accounts for 100% of your income or you want to make a...

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July 2018 Desktop Wallpaper – Urangan Pier

On a recent visit to Hervey Bay on Queensland's Fraser Coast, I had my first opportunity to fly my new Mavic Pro drone. I've had it for a few months now, but at the time I really had no idea what I was doing. It was more of a chance to have a play and get used to...

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Pinterest For Photographers – The Ultimate Guide 2018

One of the many challenges for photographers is keeping up with social media. If you’re anything like me, your relationship with social media is bittersweet. It can be incredibly rewarding and provides a fantastic opportunity to promote your photography while being...

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Recommended Camera Settings For Landscape Photography

As with all genres of photography, landscapes can be incredibly varied in the way that we photograph them and the camera settings we use. There is no right way to photograph landscapes, but I have found over the years that I have settings that I keep going back to....

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June 2018 Desktop Wallpaper – Lake Taupo

This month's free dekstop wallpaper comes from one of my favorite places in New Zealand - Lake Taupo. Right in the middle of the North Island, the lake is a magnet for anyone who loves the outdoors. I've visited Lake Taupo countless times. Whether stopping for coffee...

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How To Take Sharper Photos

We’ve all been there. You’re photographing a beautiful scene, the light is gorgeous, and you get some killer shots. You can’t wait to get home to see how they turned out, but when you upload them you’re totally bummed to realize they’re "soft" (meaning blurry and...

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Noosa National Park For Photography Lovers

Noosa is well known in Australia thanks to its beaches, surf and tropical climate. It’s a busy place over the summer and school holidays as Aussies flock to the little town on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to soak up the sun, waves, and outdoors. Noosa has a reputation...

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May 2018 Desktop Wallpaper – Noosa National Park

I've been playing around with a lot of drone photography lately. I'm lucky enough to currently be based right on the edge of Noosa National Park in Queensland, Australia. It's such a beautiful place to explore and is so photogenic, especially for aerials. If you'd...

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Must-Have Travel Photography Accessories Under $70

Can anything ruin your travels like than coming home with crappy photos? I know - no photos at all. What will really rip your undies is if it could’ve been avoided if you were better prepared. You don’t need a lot of gear to take great travel photos, but a few extra...

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