Mauao Summit Track Sunrise

Walking up the Mount is a pretty popular activity for locals and visitors to Mt Maunganui. I really had no idea how popular it is though! I got to this location around half an hour before sunrise and even in the dark there were loads of people on the track walking or...

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Waiheke Island Wine-Tasting Adventures

Beautiful Waiheke Island Having spent most of my childhood in Auckland, I clearly remember the excitement of getting on the ferry to Waiheke Island. Although it's only a short trip, I seem to remember it being an epic journey across oceans to the faraway island that...

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Turn Around!

I was reminded recently while out capturing this Mt Maunganui landscape of the importance of not getting so focused on one scene that you miss something potentially beautiful elsewhere.  This is especially important when photographing sunrises and sunsets, which...

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CreativeLive Photo Week 2017

It's that time again over on CreativeLive - Photo Week! As far as high-quality, free photography education goes, it doesn't get much better than CreativeLive's classes. I've followed CreativeLive since the beginning and have watched numerous courses, and even...

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The Power of Shutter Speed In Two Seascape Photographs

Shutter speed is one of the first elements of photography that you learn as a beginner. Learning how to control your camera's shutter speed to make sure your images are sharp and well exposed is Photography 101. Learning how to use shutter speed creatively to...

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Best Websites For Photographers: PhotoShelter Vs SmugMug

I have been using various forms of website for my photography since I caught the bug around 2008. Initially, I experimented with having a simple portfolio site built by a web designer friend, but I quickly got frustrated with having to rely on someone else any time I...

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